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Roulette Rules

From inside bets, to outside bets, combinations and hedges, below we offer a quick overview of the more important roulette rules. Additionally, we'd like to invite you to join the real and growing online community of roulette players here at Gamble-World. It is simple to join, and you can do so now by clicking the 'no download free roulette' image located immediately above and to the right of this text. Once you click the image and our game window pops up, it's just a few simple steps to register and start playing. Notably, our games have the following advantages - no download required; 100% free gaming, there are no catches, there is no real money involved; built in chat room that allows you to chat with other players as you await the luck of the spinning.

Outside Bets

The Outside bets are located along the outer edge of the table, and include all bets outside the central grid of numbers. There are no winning outside bets for 0 or 00 results. Here are the different types of outside bets:

Red & Black - Possibly the most common roulette bet, especially since its governing rules are so intuitive - you simply choose to bet on the deciding number either being a red pocket or a black pocket. There is an area on the roulette table with the words 'red' or 'black' in them, and often with the color to match.

Odd & Even - As with the Red / Black bet, this is an even money bet based on whether the number will be odd or even. Since 0 does not count as odd nor even, there are 36 numbers, with half being off numbers and the other half being even. You can place this bet by putting your chips in the middle of the square marked 'even' or the square marked 'odd', most often found very near the Red / Black areas.

Low & high - This bet gives you the option of betting that the number will be in the range from 1 to 18, or the range from 19 to 36. This is an even money bet. To place this bet you will need to find the boxes with the appropriate number ranges printed on them on the table.

Columns - Roulette rules also allow for you to bet on ranges of numbers according to how they are arranged within the Inside betting numbers grid. At one end of the set of 38 numbers there are a set of three boxes, each corresponding to a column of numbers on the grid. You will see the words '2 to 1' written in them. If a number from within the column you are betting on comes up, you win, and are paid 2 to 1.

Dozens - Very similar to the Low & High bet, this could be called the Low, Medium & High bet. The 36 available numbers can be easily split into dozens, and you can bet on the resulting number being part of these ranges. The first dozen numbers include 1-12, the second dozen 13-24, and the third dozen numbers 25-36. You may find these bets simply labeled 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12. The bet pays 2 to 1.

Inside Bets

The major difference between inside bets and outside bets is based on the table minimum. If the minimum bet for the table is $10, any and all outside bets must be at least $10. Inside bets on the other hand only have to add up to $10. This means you can bet $1 on ten different inside bet numbers for a table with a $10 minimum bet.

Straight Up Bet - This is a bet on a single number. You place your chips, or have the dealer place your chips, on a single number on the inside board. If you win, you are paid back at 35 to 1.

Split Bet - This is an example of how you can disperse your inside bets. As the name implies, you can take your $1 bet and split it across two numbers. To do so, simply ask for a split and the two numbers, or place your chip down on the line that joins the two numbers. You can only split bet numbers that lie beside one another on the board layout. The bet pays 17 to 1 if either of the numbers is hit.

Street Bet - Similar to the split bet, the street bet lets you choose three numbers on one bet. Again, the numbers need to be near one another, in the same row in fact. To bet on a row of three numbers place your chips on the line that is the outside edge of the row. This pays 11 to 1.

Corner Bet - Similar to the split and street bets, a corner bet is a combinational wager. It lets you bet on four numbers at one time. The numbers must be beside one another. To place this bet put your chips down on the intersecting point of all four numbers. This pays 8 to 1.

The Five Number Bet - In roulette rules, this bet is unique, in that it alters the house edge (although no in the Players' favor). A five number bet is a bet that any of 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3 are hit. This bet is bad simply because you're only paid 6 to 1.

Real Money Players

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